Unlocking The Healing Potential of Medical Cannabis

Indomira is a U.S. and New Zealand-based phytopharmaceutical company dedicated to establishing new standards for medical Cannabis. As a vertically-integrated operation, we are developing clinically-proven medicines that enhance everyday health, provide preventive strategies, and address modern conditions. 

As prohibition gives way to changing sentiment, an unprecedented wave of research around the world is validating the efficacy of Cannabis both as a medical treatment and a wellness therapy. This research is providing hope, awareness, and solutions for managing conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

Indomira's contribution to the development of the scientific framework for safe and effective use, education for healthcare professionals, and the evolution of public awareness is at the heart of our mission. Through research, education, and knowledge-sharing, we’re inspiring new thinking and informed decisions about Cannabis and health.


We integrate principles from traditional and modern medicine, taking into account the whole human and the whole plant, while being firmly grounded in research, evidence, and clinical experience.


As a vertically-integrated company, we maintain uncompromising standards in our agricultural operations, our production processes, and our research methodologies.


As a direct result of our philosophy and our approach, we produce the highest-grade, standardized Cannabis and botanical medicines to support health and address specific conditions.




The Conversation around Cannabis is Evolving

We are shaping that evolution through innovative, physician-formulated therapies and science-based outreach and advocacy. Here’s where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

  1. Meeting of minds

    The vision for Indomira — unlocking the healing potential of medical Cannabis — was conceived at two parallel moments: when our U.S. based co-founders met to share evidence from their clinical observations and when our NZ partners challenged their government around the U.N. convention on drug policy. A collective “aha moment” ignited our mission to fuse science and compassion into a new approach to medical Cannabis and phytopharmaceuticals. 

  2. Laying the foundation

    We established Indomira’s U.S. based farm, regulation-compliant lab, and state-of-the-art research facility in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Our formulation team began development of proprietary CBD products based on clinical experience with over 3,000 patients. And with the tighter collaboration between our U.S. and New Zealand partners, our local mindsets began to turn global.

  3. Going to market

    The change of government in New Zealand brought a new outlook on medical Cannabis, and a constructive dialogue that accelerated the development of our international team and infrastructure. In the U.S., we launched our first CBD brand Green Earth Medicinals. Customer response to our oral and topical formulas has been overwhelmingly positive.

  4. Joining Forces

    Working closely with New Zealand authorities, the establishment of our licensed facility, and clinical trials, builds on the success of our U.S. experience. We continue to draw on our clinical experience and patient outcomes to shape more relevant therapies according to the highest standards for safe, effective, medical Cannabis.

  5. Expanding capabilities

    We plan to expand our product offerings in the United States, New Zealand and China, and continue our clinical trials for pain management, cancer, and other conditions. We aim to strengthen our efforts  — and accelerate regulatory change — by partnering with research professionals who share our mission and vision.

  6. A New Chapter

    By the end of the decade we envision a regulatory tipping point that will provide relief to millions of people who can benefit from medical Cannabis. This is just the start of unlocking its healing potential, as research accelerates and we continue to develop wellness and condition-specific therapies.



Cannabis is Medicine

The clinical utility of Cannabis has a rich legacy of more than 3,000 years. Despite the misguided “war on drugs” initiated by the United States, there is a global reawakening to the healing potential of Cannabis that grows by the day. This movement is inspiring individuals, medical professionals, scientists, and policymakers to imagine new solutions for the role of Cannabis in medicine and society.

For All Of Us

Everyone has a right to safe, sustainable, and effective solutions that support their health and lifestyle. Clinical evidence overwhelmingly supports Cannabis as an effective treatment for medical conditions like epilepsy and chronic pain. It’s also become increasingly popular in wellness practices as a part of fitness and culinary plans.

For Healthcare Providers

Clinical thinking is part of Indomira’s DNA. We educate and partner with healthcare providers looking to better understand the endocannabinoid system and plant science — as well as condition-specific applications, routes of administration, dosages, and cultivars. We believe that as Cannabis science matures, a new era in empowered healthcare will emerge.

For Regulators and Policymakers

Science, safety, and effective governance must inform the decisions governments make about regulating plant-based medicines. We work with advocates and policymakers alike to create an open, clear, and compassionate dialogue among scientists, regulators, manufacturers, and the public.



Knowledge is Inspiration

There are more than 28,000 published papers and more than 100 research studies in process on medical Cannabis around the world. The emerging wealth of knowledge will provide invaluable insight for everyday health and medical conditions. We look forward to publishing our findings as they become available. In the meantime, we’re sharing references, studies, news, and information that have inspired us.

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About Medical Cannabis

People have used marijuana, also called Cannabis, for a variety of health conditions for at least 3,000 years.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the most common phytocannabinoid (plant cannabinoid) in hemp plants.

Why Should I Consider CBD?

While the FDA prohibits claims about curative effects of CBD, research has demonstrated many health benefits.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The "endocannabinoid" system is an integral part of our neuro-immuno-endocrine network.

What is the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Although both hemp and “marijuana” are technically variants of the Cannabis sativa plant, there are significant differences between them.

About Green Earth Medicinals

Green Earth Medicinals is a line of physician-formulated CBD wellness products developed by Indomira.

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